About Us

  • A joint initiative between Saskatoon Public Schools and Whitecap Dakota First Nation, this is a collaborative project designed to foster reconciliation by educating students on the Dakota perspectives of their history, culture, and language.

  • This site hosts lessons for Kindergarten to Grade 8, as well as lessons designed for use with the interpretive walls located at the Chief Whitecap School and other Saskatoon Public Schools.

  • The interpretive walls lessons have been designed to target a variety of grade levels. These lessons are meant to attract student groups to visit the school to learn more about Dakota history and culture; a variety of activities can be planned to fill either half or full day visits.

  • The Dakota education material and resources were compiled in consultation with Whitecap Dakota Elders and educators. We thank the contributors for sharing their knowledge.

  • Lessons for Kindergarten to Grade 8 have been designed in consultation with education professionals to meet Saskatchewan Curriculum requirements.

  • Supporting resource material has been compiled and evaluated by professional historians.

  • All relevant resources are located on this website, and links to vetted sources or supporting documents are also provided within each lesson package.

  • This project was funded in part by the Government of Canada as part of the Canada 150 initiative.

Important: Cultural Protocol and Sharing Information from this Website

It is important that the cultural knowledge of our Elders is used, communicated, and understood in the proper way.

To ensure this knowledge is treated respectfully, we ask that you do not distribute or reproduce this material outside of its educational purpose without first asking and obtaining permission from Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

Should you wish to use the information hosted on this site for uses other than educational purposes, please contact:

Whitecap Dakota First Nation: (306) 477-0908 |



Ray Morrison
Barry MacDougall
Shane Skjerven
Dean Newton
Chief Darcy Bear
Councillor Dalyn Bear
Melvin Littlecrow
Vivian Anderson


Melvin Littlecrow
Vivian Anderson
Verna Buffalo
Stephanie Danyluk
Murray Long
Colin Skrapek
Lyndi Dyck
Lezlie Goudie-Cloutier
Darryl Isbister
Michelle Pantel
Jay Salikin
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Laura Plosz
Heather Morgan


Melvin Littlecrow
Vivian Anderson
Verna Buffalo
Stephanie Danyluk
Lezlie Goudie-Cloutier
Michelle Pantel
Katya MacDonald

Should you wish to bring a class to visit the CULTURE ROOM AND INTERPRETATIVE DISPLAYS AT
Chief Whitecap School, please contact:

812 Gordon Road, Saskatoon, SK, S7T 0J5
(306) 683-7640 |